22 November 2007

despre inceputuri

am dat cu putin timp in urma peste postul de mai jos. mi-a placut, si m-am gindit sa il dau mai departe. eu unul cred ca, printre rinduri, avem multe de invatat din acest text.

"Please bear with me on this post.

This afternoon my dog Lily passed away.

She was 12 years old and she lived a happy life. She had no health problems and her sudden passing away came to us as a surprise and shock. The very least she went fast and we were all there on her last moments as she died in our kitchen.

I can't believe I am typing these very words...

I started taking pictures when I was 11 years old with a Kodak 110 camera given to me by my parents on my birthday. Back in those days I took lots of landscape pictures, cars, and mostly objects. Nothing with any meaning really, as I was getting to understand the art.

Sometime in my 20s with a Canon A1 I gave up on photography. The hobby was too expensive when I was in University.

Many years later, I got married and we got Lily and my love for photography returned and it now had meaning. I took all kinds of pictures of her:running, sleeping, eating, and playing.

By the time I bought the 300D, we had 2 kids and Lily. They inspired me to take even more pictures and because the cost was just the camera, I took picture after picture.

Lily's favourite spot was the couch in the basement. And many times I'd be taking pictures of her from my desk, specially in the Toronto winters where it can be hard to take pictures outside.

This weekend was my plan to take some new shots of her with my new 40D. Although I had the camera for 2 weeks, I never took one shot of her. We spend way too much time obsessing which is the better camera, ISO noise, focus, etc. I am certainly guilty of this as I spent most of my shots with the 40D looking at ISO noise of stuff on my desk AND NOT Lily because she was elsewhere.

Photography should be about capturing the special moments and people and pets we love. Even the pictures of Lily which were badly exposed or out of focus now have meaning to me.

In my rambling, what I am trying to tell you all is go enjoy your camera and shoot the pictures of your dog, cat, wife, girlfriend, parents, children, and any thing special to you.

I am felling the pain right now, and I appreciate been able to share this with you.

R.I.P Lily

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